Pre-Employment Screenings

Why Screen?

Simple & Comprehensive.

Davis Investigations offers a variety of services to secure companies and help minimize risk in the workplace.  Our dedicated team of research analysts and private detectives employ advanced techniques to conduct thorough investigations and provide prompt solutions. From youth services to nuclear energy, our preventative and specialty services are utilized by companies world wide.

Proactive Solutions & Responsible Hiring

State and Federal regulations require criminal record searches and drug tests are conducted for certain positions; however, many organizations opt to invest in pre-employment screening voluntarily for its numerous benefits. Reduce hiring risk with our affordable employment screening services.


          Davis Investigation Services offers DOT & NON-DOT compliance Drug and Alcohol Testing. We use trusted laboratories certified by the Department of Health and Human Services 


Background Check

DIS allows you to make the right hiring decisions with confidence. All applicants undergo the most comprehensive research available. Customize screenings to your company’s needs.

  • Determine whether candidate is qualified for the position
  • Protect the company’s reputation and organizational assets
  • Safeguard against negligent hiring claims
  • Ensure the safety of other employees
  • Avoiding employee theft

Drug & Alcohol Testing

DIS offers a wide variety of Drug & Alcohol Tests which are customized to your Corporate or Legal needs. We Offer Affordable Rates Without Compromising on Quality or Dependability. 

  • Urinalysis Laboratory Testing
  • Instant Urinalysis Testing
  • Hair Drug Testing Services
  • Finger & Toe Nail Testing
  • Oral Fluid Testing Services